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Michelle Niehaus, LCSW, is the Statewide Coordinator for Deaf and Hard of Hearing Services at the Division for Mental Health, Developmental Disabilities and Addiction Services. Through collaboration, training, advocacy, and outreach, she strives to create a linguistically and culturally affirmative system of mental health care in the state. Michelle previously worked as a therapist with Seven Counties Services, Inc. coordinating their mental health program and with Deaf Network in Indiana as a clinician. She is currently the chair of the Mental Health Special Interest Section of the American Deafness and Rehabilitation Association (ADARA).


BHDID Program Administrator

Division of Behavioral Health

Dept. for Behavioral Health, Developmental, and Intellectual Disabilities

100 Fair Oaks Lane


Frankfort, Kentucky 40621

Phone: 502-564-4456

Fax: 502-564-9010


  • Deaf-Friendly Clinicians
  • Kentucky

Created:April 14, 2015

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