Language in Motion Interpreting

LIM sends qualified sign language interpreters!

Language in Motion is proud to work with an accomplished group of highly-skilled American Sign Language interpreters. We work diligently to comply with the Kentucky Interpreter Licensure which sets rigorous standards for the interpreting field in the Commonwealth. All of our ASL interpreters are either nationally certified by RID or working toward that certification. Our preference is always to send certified interpreters when available.

LIM believes that Deaf individuals should be empowered to make choices about their language access provider. In keeping with that belief, we do our best to match sign language interpreters with Deaf individuals giving priority to Deaf preference, setting, and ASL interpreter availability. When Deaf individuals feel comfortable and confident in the interpreting process, it is a more successful interaction for all involved.

Molly Howard
Sherri McGannon
Kelly Peace
Tammy Cantrell
Julie Powell
Stacie Gibson
Michelle Rinehart
Marva Johnson
Casey Tinsley-White
Debbie Porter
Amber Fox-Young
Sara Logsdon
Shannon Grider
Monica Romney ASL Interpreter
Monica Romney
Jessica King
Andrea Hopkins
Sarah Gibbs
Robin Simpson
DeeLayne Roark
Kathy Spiro
Heather Schenkenfelder
Julie Buckham
Katie Paris
Julie Johnson
Anna Beard
Dr. Dave Coyne freelance interpreter
Dave Coyne
Kenya McPheeters
Tami Sallade
Angie Lindsey
Venetia Lacy
Christy Markert
Derek Fraser
Molly Smith
Charlee Matthis Freelance Interpreter
Charlee Matthis
Danny Hinton
Kelli Sanchez
Brandi Mahon
Donna Lashley
Etta Burton
Amber Colwell
Josh Rogers
Kathy Wright

Temporary Licensed Interpreters

Rachael Harris
Logan Lake
Justin Oberfrank
LaToya Middleton
Megan Weedman
Corinne Miller